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Diasporan Initiatives

Ghanaians living in Canada are estimated to be in excess of 100,000; the majority of them being professionals in Government services, medical professionals, lecturers in universities and colleges, and increasingly, a large number in private commercial trade in Ghanaian and African products. The Ghana Mission’s diasporan strategy and programs underscores all the other initiatives by:

  • Emphasizing diasporan leadership in our political and development initiatives – Ghanaian diaporan guidance in provided by Ghanaians in the civil and public services of Canada and elsewhere at various governance levels in Canada
  • Vibrant Ghanaian cultural associations abound in the promotion of Ghana’s culture in Canada and the Mission is increasingly integrating its activities with these groups. Since 2015, the Mission has started working with these associations to begin a process of estimating the actual numbers and the demographic dynamics of the diaspora in Canada.
  • Mission in 2018 will vigorously embark upon registration of Ghanaians in the diaspora, especially those in Canada as part of data on Ghanaians, as well as towards the implementation of the Representation Of The People Amendment Act (ROPAA), which is likely to come into force for the 2020 general elections in Ghana.

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