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The Ghana High Commission Canada

Welcome to the Ghana High Commission in Ottawa, and the Ghana Consulate General in Toronto, Canada. With over 63 years of independent nationhood, as the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to gain its independence, Ghana is blessed with abundant human and natural resources; a proud and dignified cultural diversity; with a united and vibrant people, living in a peaceful democratic society. Ghana (once called the Gold Coast), is rapidly developing, with an enviable economic growth, a vigorous re-building and strengthening of institutions of governance, a free media, in an open and transparent society.

As one of the first countries in Africa to establish diplomatic relations and development cooperation with Canada, Ghanaians and Canadians have shared long-standing bonds in the Commonwealth of Nations and, indeed, share a common National Day of July 1st. The Ghanaian diaspora in Canada is substantial and well-endowed with professionals and business people who engage actively in the development of Canada and their home-land, Ghana.

As our President is working to grow our economy and open opportunities for all our citizens; to build an economy that is not dependent on charity and handouts; to build a Ghana which looks to use of its own resources; to build an economy that looks past commodities, in order to position our country in the global marketplace; We in the mission are poised to assist the President build a Ghana Beyond Aid and to act as catalyst for mobilization of foreign direct investments into Ghana.

Ghana's climate for investments is favorable and we invite Canadians and other nationals living in Canada, as well as Ghanaians in the diaspora to make Ghana the investment destination of choice.

Our website is one of the instruments to engage our partners in Canada and the Ghanaian diaspora in sharing information and extending consular and investment support services.

Ghana is open for business …… Akwaaba... Awaa Awaa Atuu!!!