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Ghana shares a number of significant similarities with Canada’s Aboriginal people and other communities located in Canada’s Northern Territories. In seeking stronger partnership with Aboriginal peoples in Canada, the Ghana Mission priorities are focused on:

  • Initiating collaborations in local and municipal governance between selected communities and municipalities in Ghana and those of municipalities in selected Northern Territories in Canada.

  • Fostering partnership between the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce and the Ghana-Canada Chamber of Commerce based in Accra

  • Developing and implementing youth exchanges between Ghana and Canada’s Aboriginal people.

    For a start, the spouse of the Ghana High Commissioner, Mrs. Neo Gariba, hosted a dinner for 30 Aboriginal on the “Talking Science Initiative” at the Ghana Residency on May 12, 2016. The High Commissioner undertook a working visit of the three Northernmost Territories of Canada, for 10 days (from May 29 to June 6, 2016). Discussions are underway to jointly develop a strategy and MoU with various Inuit organizations for joint programming to promote friendship between Ghanaian and Inuit people and communities.

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